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Black Chicken Unlimited

Black Chicken Unlimited is Schaar's personal

publishing house imprint,

registered with Bowker (US), Thorpe-Bowker (AU) and Nielsen (UK). 

Apart from Schaar's own books, Black Chicken Unlimited has helped to publish:

(click the covers to be directed to the author)

America II by Jack the Turtle
Common Sense Revisited Written by an American, Jack the Turtle
RANTS! Written by Jack the Turtle
Black Chicken Unlimited

Plays in the BCU Catalog:

Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov, Interpreted by A.J. Schaar

Three Sisters

Cast: 14

Acts: 4

Runs: 150 mins.

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Kill Socrates by A.J. Schaar based on The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato. Socrates. Must. Die.

Kill Socrates

Cast: 3-4

Acts: 2

Runs: 120 mins.

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Twelfth Night of the Living Dead, Or What You Kill, The Steward's Revenge by A.J. Schaar from William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night of the Living Dead

Cast: 14-18

Acts: 5

Runs: 75+ mins.

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Oggetto Metallico by A.J. Schaar (Or 'Mussolini and The Pope')

Oggetto Metallico

Cast: 8

Acts: 2

Runs: 75+ mins.

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Next up:


is currently on A.J.'s desk!

The Triumph of moriarty

Cast: 6+

Acts: 2

Runs: 120 mins.

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(Please Note: PREVIEW Texts Purposefully DO NOT Adhere to Published Formatting; These are TEXTS ONLY for Your Reference.)

To apply for professional or amateur performance rights to BCU's scripts, please include the following information in your message (submission form below)

*Your Name and Role (example, Jane Doe, A.D.):

*The Name of Your Theatre: 

*Theatre Website: 

*Number of Seats in the Venue: 

*Number of Performances Planned: 

*Ticket Prices (lowest and highest): 

*BCU Play Title Requested:

*How did you hear about this title?


(Optional) Let us know if your performance plans are for the benefit of a cause, either financially, or in raising awareness. 

(* denotes required information)

Please note, you must notify Black Chicken Unlimited prior to planning any staged read or production of any play script under our imprint.

Thank you!

Contact The Black Chicken

Thanks for submitting!

Big Hugs.

All BCU plays are protected by standard copyright law. Any unauthorized performance or use of these plays may constitute an infringement of the copyright and a violation of the law, with potentially serious legal consequences for the infringer.

No play may be produced unless written application is made to and written authorization received from Black Chicken Unlimited. All performance rights are granted by written contract only. There is no such thing as "verbal approval."

"Beak Kind" and always contact Black Chicken to formally apply for rights.

Approved applicants will be directed to BCUPublishing for payment.

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