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How do you pronounce your name? 

You say 'Schaar' like a pirate.

Have you published other books? 

No. Another novel, 'Nothing to Wear' was slated for publication with a boutique publishing house that didn't make it through the pandemic. But there are several exciting projects in the works now including poems, plays, and the continuation of the recommended Storybook series.

What is your quest?

That's easy! I seek the Grail.

Who is your favorite author?

Don Marquis.

What is the capital of Assyria?

I don't know that.


(Assyria is an ancient kingdom that lasted from the 25th century to the 7th century BC. As such, no one knows what the capital of Assyria was, if it even had one.)

AJ Schaar Angel of Fun Series by Photo Artist Jon Simpson

A.J. Schaar: Acclaimed comedic playwright of Rummy Starker Love Fest, KILL SOCRATES, Three Sisters (adapted from Anton Chekhov), Twelfth Night of The Living Dead (or what you kill), OGGETTO METALLICO (Mussolini and the Pope), and The Triumph of Moriarty!


The Storybook Coroner is Schaar's debut novel, almost immediately recommended as an "Indie Book We Love" and "most popular" work of fantasy-fiction.


"If you thought doing Disneyland on acid was a trip, you haven't seen A.J. Schaar." - East Valley Tribune on Rummy Starker Love Fest (Best Avant Garde)

A.J. Schaar author interviews and spotlights from around the English-speaking world.

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